Comments from Participants

Gail’s way of being humorous while getting to heart issues is a true spiritual gift.  The spiritual challenge that she presents in her messages penetrates the noise that we are inundated with in this day and calls for a sacred response.
An interesting observation about Gail, she never seems to speak to something that she has not struggled with or experienced.  She is a sister sojourner wanting to encourage other women along their journey.
Gail has a unique way of speaking to a large group and making you feel like you’re in your living room talking to your best friend.  She has a gift of explaining the Gospel in words that are understandable and relatable to those who may be less familiar with the Truth.  Her passion for following Jesus and leading women is contagious!Rather than feel like I was being talked to as a member of an audience, I saw Gail as someone humbly walking the same road I was walking, sharing little bits of revelation that she’s picked up along the way and how that could apply to my walk with Jesus.  For me, it was her honesty that was so important, because I can “honestly” relate to someone who doesn’t have it all together all the time, but is using what she is learning from God each day to draw closer to Him and helping others to do the same.  That’s the kind of walk I want…and that’s the kind of speaker that I am drawn to.I so loved Gail’s vulnerability in stories, yet skill and apparent ease in delivering a clear message.
 Gail, you are amazing.  Thanks for teaching us to SOAR !!  It is your calling!
Gail is a natural born teacher and leader.  It is truly a gift from God.  She has inspired me as a person, a female, and a child of God.
God sent me Gail to tell me things I needed to hear to be able to get out of the bondage that I have been in for years. 
The energy and heartfelt teachings of Gail have touched my heart, I will never be the same!