Our Suggestions of What to Bring

♥ Very comfortable camping clothes – dress warm for cool nights

♥ Comfortable shoes – there will be small walks between the buildings, including the bath house

♥ Coat / Raincoat / Umbrella / Rain shoes in case of rain

♥ Toiletries / towels / washcloths (you will be using the bathhouse that is a short walk away)

♥ Sleeping bag, blanket and pillow (you will be sleeping on a bunk bed in a cozy cabin, it may get very cold at night)

♥ Pajamas and slippers

♥ Flashlight is a MUST

♥ Lawn chair or blanket to use to sit on the lawn or beach and journal, or to sit around the fire

♥ Bible – very important!

♥ You may want to bring bottled water in case you don’t like camp water

Please note: The camp is located on a lake, nestled in the woods and we are gathering in the Fall – remember to bring allergy medications if you need them.